The Advantages of Narrow Style Lot Living

Before you panic and think that this is going to cramp your style though, consider the advantages of narrow style lot living. It has created a prime opportunity for homeowners to select their ideal location, build a single or double story home, and achieve their lifestyle goals at a significantly lower cost compared to conventional homes.

Not convinced that this style of home is for you? Read on for 6 advantages of narrow style lot living that you can enjoy if you go this route.


Advantages Of Narrow Style Lot Living

1. Overall Affordability

One of the main benefits of narrow lot living is the affordability of it. The smaller the lot, the lower the cost. By purchasing a less sizeable plot of land, you will immediately be saving yourself a significant amount of money, which can then be put towards other luxuries of your choice.

Buying a narrow lot also allows you to purchase land that may not have been within your price range. Whether you wish to live closer to the city for work, or to be close to family, living near to the CBD and surrounding suburbs is quickly becoming more popular. With narrow style lot living, you can live in your dream house, in your dream location, without draining your bank account or savings.


2. Be Involved In Creative Home Design

Many people are put off of purchasing a narrow lot because they envision a cramped living space with zero flair for design. However, this is not the case at all, and it is important to know that you are in no way compromising on the quality of your home when buying into this style of living. You will be able to maximize your block space while customizing your home in the same creative and innovative ways you would with a conventional home.

The key to success with narrow style lot living is to design smart to ensure your home meets your every requirement. There are some key ways which will allow you to utilize every last inch of space, for example:

Build Up – By building a double story home on your narrow lot, you will immediately increase the number of rooms you can have on your property. You are by no means limited from expanding its size in future.

Use Natural Lighting – You can maximize your space, or simply the illusion of space, but embracing natural light. This can be done through smartly placed windows or open living areas. This will make your home look and feel more spacious.

Blur Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces – Narrow lots are the perfect excuse to get the alfresco outdoor area that you always wanted. Create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces using folding concertina doors that remove the division between the two.


3. Enjoy Every Inch Of Your Home

Many people assume that narrow style lot living means you have to compromise on space. Although the property size may be smaller, architects have come up with innovative ways to make your living space as expansive as possible. Using high ceilings, well-designed floor plans, creative storage space, as well as floor to ceiling windows, they can guarantee a space-efficient and luxurious narrow lot home.


4. Less Upkeep and Maintenance

Another great aspect of narrow lot living is that these homes require far less maintenance and upkeep than conventional homes. You won’t have to spend several hours cleaning or gardening, which will inevitably give you a lot more free time.


5. Get More Natural Lighting In Your Home

One of the biggest advantages of narrow lot style living is access to natural light. Narrow designs and layouts use light to create a more full depth of space. Floor plans that are created for one-room-wide homes are designed to gather and distribute natural light effectively and efficiently. These narrow lot floor plans will ensure that you are always within a few feet of a window, natural light, and fresh air.


6. Improve Energy Efficiency

Another perk of these homes is their ability to leverage the home’s flanks to effectively collect solar energy. By combining natural sunlight and a thermal mass, such as concrete floors, on the interior, with a solar panelling fixture on the roof, you will be able to collect both passive and active solar heat for your home. This will save you money as well as increase your home’s overall energy saving.

Whether you are looking for a fast-paced life in the city or a relaxing lifestyle on the coast, narrow style lot living is a great option for you. It gives you the ability to build in prime locations and have the home of your dreams, without draining your bank account.