Swan Valley House and Land Packages Tailored to You

If you are looking for land for sale in Swan Valley to build your dream home, you are about to make one of the most important purchases of your life. You could search for property on your own, but there are many aspects of a planned community that appeal to you, and you want to make sure that you secure as many as you can.

You love the idea of living in an area where there’s been a concerted effort to build beautiful homes, establish great schools, provide stellar services and offer amenities that come with a special community vibe and layout.

Taylor Private Estate is a master planned community in gorgeous Swan Valley delivering one of the most highly anticipated communities in years. From a wide range of stunning home styles to a perfect location a short distance away from Perth’s world-famous beaches to the ideal location right outside of the Perth CBD, it’s easy to understand why building a Swan Valley house could make perfect sense.

Perfect Lifestyle Tailored to You

Your home is your oasis. It’s your escape from the outside world, and having it tailored to the way you live is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. Swan Valley is one of the most picturesque areas in Western Australia. If you haven’t started looking for land for sale in Caversham, you need to start now.

Loaded with amenities and offering a lifestyle that appeals to both visitors and residents alike, it’s easy to see why building a home here is a win-win. When you create a house with B1 Homes inside Taylor Private Estate, you’re building a home and lifestyle that’s perfectly catered to your needs and wants.

  • When buying land and planning your dream home at Taylor Private Estate, you have the comfort of knowing that you’re building in an area that has been researched thoroughly and is primed for continued growth.
  • You can choose how big or small you want your plot of land to be, picking ample space for a prolific gardener or one with a small lot, ideal for someone who lacks a green thumb.
  • You can choose and customise the style of home you want, picking from small, cottage-style homes with loads of windows to NYC-style brownstone-inspired homes with a decidedly urban feel.
  • You can choose the home features that fit perfectly with the way you live, including multi-story builds or single-story dwellings.
  • Top-notch existing and planned primary and secondary schools in the area help fulfil families’ need for close-to-home quality education for their little ones.

Enjoy the Perks of Living in Swan Valley

It’s hard to avoid all the buzz surrounding Swan Valley, but it’s all well-deserved. Located less than half an hour from the Perth CBD, laid-back, idyllic Swan Valley offers the perfect blend of location and lifestyle. Residents can enjoy a short commute to work in the city and be home in no time to enjoy an area that feels like it’s a million miles away from the chaos. The perks of looking for vacant land in Swan Valley include the following:

  • Swan Valley should be called “Wine Valley,” thanks to the area’s sizeable winery presence. You could spend weeks flitting one from one vineyard to another, enjoying numerous tastings, touring vineyards like the French-born Little River Winery and Cafe or Olive Farm Wines, Western Australia’s oldest winery. You could also soak in the picturesque, Instagram-ready scenery.
  • The Western Australian tourism minister has declared that the district is pushing for a significant increase in tourism to the area over the next few years, bringing in hundreds of thousands of tourists as well as a hefty revenue increase of hundreds of millions of dollars. Investing in a home in the area could be a smart financial move.
  • The area’s proximity to beaches means that the intoxicatingly blue waters of the Indian Ocean are always just a short drive away.
  • Swan Valley is a vast foodie destination, home to everything from artisanal pizza spots to chocolate factories to roadside farmers’ markets loaded with organic fare. Whether you’re looking for the ingredients to prepare perfect farm-to-table meals or you’re looking for a great night out at some hotspot gastropub, the Swan Valley has got you covered.
  • The fact that Swan Valley is being built up as a tourism hub means that new places and activities are popping up every day. From seeing the animals up close and personal at the Caversham Wildlife Park to biking the trails in Whiteman Park to spending the day traipsing in and out of galleries and boutiques, there is always something to do for just about everyone.

Looking for land for sale in Perth at Taylor Private Estate is probably one of the best investments you can make. Take a day trip to the area and look around. With the perks that come with buying, the added value that could be included with your purchase, and the area’s proximity to Perth CBD, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to check it out.