Swan Valley House and Land Packages Tailored to You

If you are looking for land for sale in Swan Valley to build your dream home, you are about to make one of the most important purchases of your life. You could search for property on your own, but there are many aspects of a planned community that appeal to you, and you want to make sure that you secure as many as you can.

You love the idea of living in an area where there’s been a concerted effort to build beautiful homes, establish great schools, provide stellar services and offer amenities that come with a special community vibe and layout.

Taylor Private Estate is a master planned community in gorgeous Swan Valley delivering one of the most highly anticipated communities in years. From a wide range of stunning home styles to a perfect location a short distance away from Perth’s world-famous beaches to the ideal location right outside of the Perth CBD, it’s easy to understand why building a Swan Valley house could make perfect sense.

Perfect Lifestyle Tailored to You

Your home is your oasis. It’s your escape from the outside world, and having it tailored to the way you live is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. Swan Valley is one of the most picturesque areas in Western Australia. If you haven’t started looking for land for sale in Caversham, you need to start now.

Loaded with amenities and offering a lifestyle that appeals to both visitors and residents alike, it’s easy to see why building a home here is a win-win. When you create a house with B1 Homes inside Taylor Private Estate, you’re building a home and lifestyle that’s perfectly catered to your needs and wants.

  • When buying land and planning your dream home at Taylor Private Estate, you have the comfort of knowing that you’re building in an area that has been researched thoroughly and is primed for continued growth.
  • You can choose how big or small you want your plot of land to be, picking ample space for a prolific gardener or one with a small lot, ideal for someone who lacks a green thumb.
  • You can choose and customise the style of home you want, picking from small, cottage-style homes with loads of windows to NYC-style brownstone-inspired homes with a decidedly urban feel.
  • You can choose the home features that fit perfectly with the way you live, including multi-story builds or single-story dwellings.
  • Top-notch existing and planned primary and secondary schools in the area help fulfil families’ need for close-to-home quality education for their little ones.

Enjoy the Perks of Living in Swan Valley

It’s hard to avoid all the buzz surrounding Swan Valley, but it’s all well-deserved. Located less than half an hour from the Perth CBD, laid-back, idyllic Swan Valley offers the perfect blend of location and lifestyle. Residents can enjoy a short commute to work in the city and be home in no time to enjoy an area that feels like it’s a million miles away from the chaos. The perks of looking for vacant land in Swan Valley include the following:

  • Swan Valley should be called “Wine Valley,” thanks to the area’s sizeable winery presence. You could spend weeks flitting one from one vineyard to another, enjoying numerous tastings, touring vineyards like the French-born Little River Winery and Cafe or Olive Farm Wines, Western Australia’s oldest winery. You could also soak in the picturesque, Instagram-ready scenery.
  • The Western Australian tourism minister has declared that the district is pushing for a significant increase in tourism to the area over the next few years, bringing in hundreds of thousands of tourists as well as a hefty revenue increase of hundreds of millions of dollars. Investing in a home in the area could be a smart financial move.
  • The area’s proximity to beaches means that the intoxicatingly blue waters of the Indian Ocean are always just a short drive away.
  • Swan Valley is a vast foodie destination, home to everything from artisanal pizza spots to chocolate factories to roadside farmers’ markets loaded with organic fare. Whether you’re looking for the ingredients to prepare perfect farm-to-table meals or you’re looking for a great night out at some hotspot gastropub, the Swan Valley has got you covered.
  • The fact that Swan Valley is being built up as a tourism hub means that new places and activities are popping up every day. From seeing the animals up close and personal at the Caversham Wildlife Park to biking the trails in Whiteman Park to spending the day traipsing in and out of galleries and boutiques, there is always something to do for just about everyone.

Looking for land for sale in Perth at Taylor Private Estate is probably one of the best investments you can make. Take a day trip to the area and look around. With the perks that come with buying, the added value that could be included with your purchase, and the area’s proximity to Perth CBD, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to check it out.


The Perks of Building in Swan Valley

Known for its abundance of wineries (more than 40 at last count), Swan Valley is also a vibrant cultural hub with fine art, beautiful scenery, and a rich history. Just 25 minutes from Perth’s city centre and 10 minutes from the airport, it’s conveniently located, but still has an old-world charm that makes you feel like you’re on a retreat.

Swan Valley Is the Perfect Place to Build
In 2017, the Western Australian Minister for Tourism announced that they have plans to increase tourism drastically in the next few years. The result will be hundreds of thousands of visitors each year spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the community.

If you’re looking for a secure investment, then Swan Valley is the perfect place to build. With an increase in tourism and dollars, often comes a corresponding rise in property values. Plus, it also helps that Swan Valley is one of the most picturesque places in Western Australia.

Something to Do for Everyone
It’s easy to focus on the wineries here in Swan Valley. You could spend weeks touring each facility and soaking in the fascinating history, as well as multiple glasses of wine! But Swan Valley is much more than just “wine country.” The area is a dream destination for nature lovers with walking trails that are unrivaled anywhere else in the region. There are also historical buildings to explore and a variety of restaurants to sample.

Enjoy weekends with a boat cruise. Soak up the sun’s rays and set sail on Swan River. Or try a game of Supa Golf, a variation of the traditional game that has only nine holes and larger clubs and balls. If you’re an adventurous spirit at heart, you’ll love this game!

There is also a wildlife park with kangaroos and other animal species native to the area. Come face to face and even pet koalas, wombats, and possums. It’s a fun-filled activity for the whole family! Another form of wildlife to visit is at the Windarrah Honey farm, a family-owned business with some of the best honey around.

Perfect for Your Family
Swan Valley is also ideal for families. It’s safe, clean, and has a top-notch school system. There’s also plenty of open space for kids to be kids. Swan Valley is also known for having some of the best playgrounds in the state. The top-rated playgrounds and parks are akin to wonderlands that as adults, we only dreamed about when we were kids. For example, Aviary Creek park has a water wheel, twisting tunnel slides, and an adult-friendly area where friends can get together for a friendly game of bocce.

From ice cream shops to chocolate factories, you’ll have fun exploring every inch of the tasty treats that Swan Valley has to offer.

Lifestyle and Culture
Time seems to slow down in Swan Valley. No one’s in a hurry to leave, and there’s no need to run on a strict schedule. The slower pace of life is easy to adjust to, and new residents love that they can take a deep breath, relax, and connect with friends.

One of the miracles of Swann Valley is that it’s in the heart of the wine region, yet the beach is just minutes away. It truly is paradise.

The vibe of Swan Valley is like a giant community gathering with plenty of outdoor concerts, summer markets, masterclasses, festivals and long table feasts that are fun for the whole family. There’s plenty of shopping to do, including getting your retail fix at Guildford’s historic strip.

Some of the top destinations in Swan Valley include the Margaret River Chocolate Co., Yahava Koffeeworks, Sandalford Wines, and Duckstein Brewery.

Over the years, Swan Valley has become a place where the finest artisans in their fields have decided to settle. Swan Valley is home to renowned chefs, specialty ice cream makers, leading vintners, and expert brewers. There’s a rich cultural tapestry that blends Mediterranean with Indigenous. Some of the early settlers in this region include inhabitants of Italy, Yugoslavia, and England. They were some of the original producers of wine and often continue their familial traditions of winemaking. There are many time-honoured traditions in the area, and newcomers continue to shape and evolve the cultural landscape.

Newcomers quickly settle into this idyllic lifestyle, and once they’re here, they often say they can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Peaceful Escape but Close to Everything
One of the best things about living in Swan Valley is how close it is to Perth CBD and the airport, but you also get the distinct feeling that you’re away from it all. It’s like living the best of both worlds. We’ve talked a lot about the slow-paced life, and beautiful scenery, but we can’t forget to mention the world-class produce. The tropical climate allows for a diverse offering of fruits and vegetables that are mouthwatering and delectable.

One of our favourite weekend retreats is an escape to Mandoon estate. This stylish retreat features fine dining, wine tasting, tours of the area, and a behind the scenes look at the kitchen and historical elements. Each room also features a stunning view of the Swan River, which you can enjoy from a spacious balcony.
As you look around at your beautiful surroundings, it can be difficult to remember that you are so close to the city. Swan Valley has all the amenities of urban life, but without the pollution, congestion, and crime. Living here truly is like being on holiday every single day!

Taylor Private Estate is proud to have one of the closest planned residential communities to the Perth CBD. Our development will have more than 600 home-sites, so you’ll be able to choose a piece of land that is your piece of paradise. There’s something for everyone, whether you want a New York-style brownstone, a more spacious lot, or a custom home. Taylor Private Estate is leading the way in the affordable luxury movement.

This land won’t last, so get in touch with our sales office today.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Block of Land

When you plan to build, your dream home is all in the blueprint. The block of land you build on is just as important as the structure and layout of the home. Your block of land determines so much about the quality of your build.
First, will you be building in an existing area or a new subdivision? What size and style of home do you want? It’s also worth considering whether you’re amenable to altering building plans to suit your block of land. For some people, if the location is convenient, altering building plans isn’t a concern. For others, their vision of a dream house is set in stone. All they need is to find the right block of land for sale.
A hasty purchase can end up costing several thousand more in the long term. Or you could end up having major difficulty due to local planning restrictions. You want to build with all angles covered to ensure a stress free and successful construction.
We’ll take you through 5 of the most important things you need to look at when you look for land to buy.


Get Proper Advice
Even the most skilled DIY fanatics rarely have the construction expertise to analyse a building site. You need to find a knowledgeable sales consultant that can walk you through all considerations. The right consultant will have local knowledge and be able to assess the type of land that will suit your needs.

There are so many details that never arise when you’re living in a pre-built home. You’ll need an expert that can lead you through all the local planning requirements before you build and before you purchase.


Consider Its Future Worth
Among your concerns ought to be the potential future value. Location, surrounding businesses and amenities will affect how easy it will be to sell your property in future. When you’re looking at the surroundings, check out what will be constructed nearby in the future as well (i.e. new schools, shopping centres, etc).

If you build on a block that allows the use of solar resources, you’ll find increasing value. If the area surrounding your block is already developed and attractive, the sale will be faster and attract a higher price.

Consider the orientation of the block and frontage space. Highly desired properties include a wider frontage and a uniform size, allowing for greater flexibility. An added benefit is if your block allows for north facing orientation, which are generally considered most desirable. This alone will have a large impact on the saleability of your home should you decide to sell in future.


Count in the Planning Requirements
Nothing is worse than finding a perfect block of land for sale, only to realise it won’t work with your house plans due to local planning requirements. Each local government can have its own requirements relating to home size, setbacks and other planning considerations. A knowledgeable consultant can help you navigate the local planning requirements for your desired area.


Choose the Right Area
A dream home does little good when the surrounding community is a poor fit. For mass commuters, it’s important to be located near quality roads and transport systems. Families with children ought to study the surrounding schools and ensure there are nearby child friendly amenities.

It’s worth doing a bit of research on proposed developments in the area. What began as a vacant location can quickly become saturated with busy roadways and businesses.

Beyond proximity to amenities, you need to consider environmental issues. Be aware of any potential flood issues before purchasing. Look at the geography of the location, and its relative height above sea level or nearby drainage areas.

If the block you’re looking at buying is on a slope, look at a few things before you sign any papers. First, determine how much the slope will impact building. Slopes often must be levelled out or may need split level home design.

Next, understand that proximity to bushland can raise the BAL of a property. A BAL, bushfire attack level, can be reason enough to reconsider a block. Properties with these ratings will require additional building measures to ensure adequate resistance to bushfires. In these cases, it’s always recommended to consult with an environmental and building engineer.


Consider the Type of Soil
If you’ve only moved into existing homes, you’ve likely not heard of the term ‘site classification.’ It’s a critical part of planning to build. Put simply, site classification will tell you how likely soil shifting is. If the soil on the land block is more reactive (I.e. more likely to shift), the concrete footing costs can be significantly more expensive.

While you’re looking into land quality, take care to consider any trees that may need to be removed. If you may need to further level the ground, be sure to assess the associated costs ahead of time.

When you find vacant land for sale, do some research into the land’s prior uses. Past uses can have a big impact on current soil classification and quality. You do not want to find your dream home located on a contaminated site due to prior uses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Building regulations
How do I know what my Local Authority will restrict in my build?
All buildings in local authorities are assessed against the State Residential Design Codes (R-Codes), although depending upon the area, there may also be separate planning requirements. You can do some preliminary research on your own, but a consultant may be able to provide full clarity.

Can I use my entire block to build on?
Simply put, no. The Residential Design Codes require the inclusion of setbacks and open space on your lot. So be sure to do your research on your prospective block.

Soil queries
Can I do my own research on soil quality?
Yes, geotechnical reports are available to prospective builders. These will provide you with information regarding soil reactivity and composition.

How do I know what the land’s previous use was?
You can find past use and development records online. Likewise, you can have a talk with the council for full disclosure. If past use was farming or manufacturing, research to check for possible chemical use.

Location concerns
How can I tell what’s going to be built near my land block?
You can contact your Local Council, or if you’re still in the browsing phase you can visit planningalerts.org.au.

If I’m building in a newer area, will service utilities be provided?
It is a requirement of the developer, in conjunction with the service authorities, to provide service utilities to your property. In standard metropolitan subdivisions, this includes water, sewer and power. Your builder will then be responsible to connect into these services upon completion of your home.

Do new subdivisions decrease my property value?
Depending upon the maturity of the subdivision, it may greatly improve the value of your home. The introduction of new schools, parks or shopping centres may help to provide immediate value to your property.

Expert assistance
Can my builder take care of all the local planning requirements?
Yes and no. Yes, they’re the building experts and know what they can and cannot do. However, this implies you’ve already purchased the block. If you skip a consultant, you may end up having to alter your building plans to suit the block. It is therefore worthwhile consulting with a builder prior to purchasing land.

How can I find a consultant in my area?
You have several options to find a consultant. Many people conduct a quick search online and research reviews from there. Your local council can also direct you to a professional organization.


When you look for land to buy, take as much care as when you are creating your building plans. Look to the future, even if (or especially if) you plan on your build becoming your forever home. Get a good foundation and do due diligence when looking at land. It’s important not to buy a block of land simply because you can’t turn down the price tag. Purchase without research often results in a huge headache and a lot of compromise later.

New Land Release – Stage 9B – Starting From $279k

After strong demand and sales across Stage 9A, Taylor Private Estate is pleased to announce our latest premium land release – Stage 9B!

Stage 9B consists of 34 highly sought after family sized lots, ranging from 370m2 to 541m2 and frontages of 12.5m to 17m.

All lots are a short walk to the Caversham Village Shopping Centre, Nido Early School, established parklands and the recently announced primary school located within Taylor Private Estate.

Construction is well advanced and titles are expected in mid-2018.

Selected House & Land packages are available within Stage 9B – head on over to the House & Land page for details.

Sales Plan & Price Lists are available below, or alternatively contact selling agent Darren Meakins on 0420 102 359 or at darren@taylorprivateestate.com.au. Move quickly, these lots will not last!

Download Stage 9B Sales Plan & Price List

Construction to commence on the Caversham South Primary School in 2018!

On Sunday 28 January 2018, the State Government confirmed the construction of the much anticipated Caversham South Primary School (planning name only) is due to commence in 2018, ahead of a formal opening for the 2020 school year. The total cost of the school is estimated at $17.3 million and will have the capacity for 430 students from kindergarten to Year 6.

The Caversham South Primary School will form the centrepiece of Taylor Private Estate and will adjoin both the recently completed William Henry Oval and the estate village centre (currently comprising of both the Caversham Village Shopping Centre and the Nido Early School (Child Care).

With this recent announcement and the school due to commence shortly, never has there been a better time to secure your own home in Taylor Private Estate. With a generous mix of both smaller and larger homesites available (including many unique house & land packages) there really is something to suit everyone.

Please contact estate agent, Darren Meakins, on 0420 102 359 or at darren@taylorprivateestate.com.au for further information.

Source: https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/Pages/McGowan/2018/01/New-primary-schools-announced-for-rapidly-growing-suburbs.aspx


Luxury New York inspired living has arrived!

We are pleased to announce that Taylor Private Estate has teamed up with Express Two-storey Living to bring the highly-anticipated Brownstones range to the Swan Valley!

These affordable and luxurious homes redefine narrow block living, and are inspired by New-York loft styling. The homes maximise every inch of space on narrow lots while still offering an amazing sense of spaciousness.

This is a limited release within Caversham and these homes will not last long. Want to know more – please contact our friendly sales agent Darren Meakins on 0420 102 359 or at darren@taylorprivateestate.com.au.




Taylor Private Estate in Caversham is continuing to show strong sales across a range of home sites according to Darren Meakins, selling agent. The range of established facilities now on offer in Caversham is lacking in many surrounding areas and shows the level of maturity this estate has. “As we talk to people, it’s become apparent the facilities give new homebuyers confidence that everything is already in place”, he said.

“Completed recently is the centrally located William Henry Oval on Suffolk St; the turfed oval will be the centrepiece of the parkland, which includes AFL goal posts at either end and a cricket wicket in the middle. Shade structures in the north-western corner of the site provide sheltered spectator viewing and to the east, substantial landscaping has been undertaken to enhance an existing stream. The landscaped areas include additional seating and provide a great opportunity for walking.

The new playing field and surrounds have been developed in conjunction with the changeroom and kiosk facilities included in the brand-new Caversham Community Centre that looks out onto William Henry Oval from the north. Due to open in the second half of 2017, this fantastic new City of Swan facility will provide even more opportunity for the Caversham community to come together” he said.

On the back of such investment in the area, there continues to be good levels of enquiry for new home sites. Diversity in lot size and shape has been key to the success of the Stage 9A and 9C release at Taylor Private Estate where a third of available lots have already sold and titles are expected in August 2017.

Lot sizes range from 416m2 to 2,354m2, with prices starting as low as $309,000. The home sites are located on Redondo Street and Martinich Drive, just a short walk from the village centre, where the existing shopping centre will ultimately be expanded to include planned medical facilities and a gym.

“We’re excited by all the new facilities recently completed in the area, it really does allow people to see how they can enjoy life in Caversham. They can see how close we are to the Swan Valley and the lifestyle they’ll enjoy, but they also realise they have instant and easy access to shops, parks and even a child care centre.”  Mr Meakins added that construction of the local child care centre, ‘Nido Early School’, is now complete and residents can now register their children to attend. Providing for children from 6 weeks to school age, it was just another part of the positive picture at Caversham.

For more information on Stage 9 or other home sites available, contact selling agent Darren Meakins on 0420 102 359, visit www.taylorprivateestate.com.au or call in to the Taylor Private Estate Sales & Information Office at the corner Arthur Street and Castella Drive, Caversham.

‘Progress is Taylor-made’ Stage 13A – Donatti Land Release

As published in the West Australian on 11 March 2017.

Proximity to a range of community facilities has been key to the success of the Donatti Retreat land release at Taylor Private Estate in Caversham.

Most of the home sites in the quiet Donatti Retreat cul-de-sac are already sold, and titles are now available.

The lots in Stage 13A of the estate are close to the Caversham Village Shopping Centre which opened in April 2016 as the first stage of a wider village centre precinct.

Taylor Private Estate Development Manager Taylor Conway said the Village Centre would expand to include medical facilities, a gym, a child-care centre and community and sporting facilities.

“One of the challenges for any homebuyer looking at a new residential estate is understanding that key facilities and infrastructure may not be available straight away,” Mr Conway said.

“At Taylor Private Estate, new buyers are recognising that the community has matured to a stage where facilities, such as the Caversham Village Shopping Centre, are already open.

“Many key roads have been upgraded so that access to Reid Highway and the wider road network is easily available, with improved convenience for drivers.

“The local child-care centre is nearing completion and will be open in a few months.”

Mr Conway said work was also advanced on the multi-million dollar, architect-designed Caversham Community Centre, which would include club rooms, a kiosk, meeting spaces and other facilities. The centre would open to a major playing field – the William Henry Oval – which is due to be completed in early May.

“The William Henry Oval will provide active sport and informal play areas, while retaining and landscaping a linear stream that runs through the area,” he said.

Selling agent Darren Meakins said the new lots were the closest to the amenities offered for sale to date, and had proven popular with buyers and builders.

“The land release is just across from where residents will be able to take in the landscaped setting while watching their children’s sport,” Mr Meakins said.

“The area is maturing into one of the best-serviced in the north-east corridor and, with the range of affordable sites suited to a variety of home designs, Stage 13A is expected to continue selling quickly.”

Homes at Taylor Private Estate must comply with design guidelines addressing aesthetic and sustainable design criteria.

“In conjunction with the focus on amenity, the design guidelines have helped to create well-presented homes and streetscapes that are impressive when you drive around – and this sets the estate apart from others,” Mr Meakins said.

Home sites in Donatti Retreat Stage 13A range from 290-455sqm and are priced from $250,000.

The Taylor Private Estate land sales office, at the corner of Arthur Street and Castella Drive, Caversham, is open weekends and Wednesdays from 1-5pm.

Last Remaining Lots in Stage 7B & 8B

Large lifestyle and transition lots offered in Stage 7b & 8B are running out fast, with only 8 remaining! With lot sizes ranging from 557m2 to 2556m2 , these lots are perfect for raising a family and offer the flexibility to create the lifestyle you desire.  Starting from $319,000, and with prices recently reduced these won’t last long- contact Darren Meakins on 0420 102 359 to secure one of these lots today.

Nido Early School Caversham – Construction Commenced!

Work on the new Nido Early School Caversham is underway and progressing well. Conveniently located within the Village Centre, the new Nido Early School will be of great benefit to young families in the area. Nido offers an educational and nurturing approach for children from 6 weeks to school age.

Head to nidoearlyschool.com.au for more information and enrollment details.