When choosing to live at Taylor Private Estate, you are investing in your future and your quality of life.

Taylor Private Estate Design Guidelines have been developed to ensure that all homes are built to the highest standard. Design Covenants are in place to mandate design elements such as a minimum or average 31 brick course front elevation. These elements not only add to the quality of your home, but also to the street that you live in.

Telecommunications within Taylor Private Estate are provided by the Telstra Velocity Smart Community network. Further information about this service for homeowners and builders can be found here.


Building & Planning

All homes within Taylor Private Estate are required to comply with our estate Design Guidelines & City of Swan planning provisions. Submission of house plans to the developer for approval is required with an Approval Checklist.

Design Guidelines (January 2017, Rev. 5)

Design Guidelines Approval Checklist

Stage 7A/7B Detailed Area Plan

Stage 8A/8B Detailed Area Plan

Stage 13A Local Development Plan

Landscaping & Fencing

Purchasers who are eligible for the landscaping & fencing bonus are required to complete & submit the vouchers below. Please refer to instructions on the voucher for submission details.

TPE Landscaping Voucher

TPE Fencing Voucher

TPE Landscaping Information